Strengthening and maintaining mental well-being
Venerable Thubten Chodron

Strengthening and maintaining mental well-being

delivered a compelling talk on mental from a perspective, emphasizing the importance of and altruism to benefit all beings.

She highlighted that individuals are often disconnected from reality, asserting that mental health should be evaluated based on one’s and intention, not external opinions.

The talk delved into the roots of mental states like , emphasizing their generation from a misperception of reality, encapsulated in the : attachment, craving, and clinging .

Thubten Chodron then discussed the relationship between attachment and , stressing the importance of dealing with anger in a healthy manner through and reflection on actions.

She explored the negative impacts of attachment in relationships, material , and obsessions with power, reputation, and . Cultivating mindfulness was emphasized to maintain mental well-being.

The concept of and understanding the causes of and through and action were highlighted as paths to a happier life.

Finally Thubten Chodron underscored the importance of compassion as an to low self-esteem and negative . Recognizing irrational beliefs and the transformative power of volunteer were emphasized.


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