The healthy balance between work, physical activity, and rest
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The healthy balance between work, physical activity, and rest

In his book “” Venerable emphasizes the importance of moderation in and physical activity for maintaining good and .

Pomnyun highlights the resilience and vitality of the young, contrasting it with the vulnerability of the elderly to illness and injury.

He warns against overworking, attributing it to and stressing the need for older individuals to limit strenuous labor to avoid premature .

Drawing on the example of farmers who persist in overworking even in old age, Pomnyun cautions against the dangers of excessive labor, which can lead to physical ailments and discomfort.

He advocates for ending work at the appropriate and resuming the next day, promoting a balanced approach to work-life management.

Furthermore, Pomnyun discusses the impact of extreme physical activity on lifespan, cautioning against the strain it places on the .

He contrasts this with the moderate exercise undertaken by shepherds, who enjoy longer lives due to their active yet non-strenuous .

Ultimately, Pomnyun emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work, physical activity, and rest, advocating for moderation as a key factor in achieving longevity and overall well-being.


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