Venerable Thubten Kunga insights on the Buddha's teachings on lying
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Venerable Thubten Kunga insights on the Buddha’s teachings on lying

In this talk, explores the ’s on the consequences of being dishonest.

Thubten Kunga reflects on teachings from the Pali canon and Majjhima Nikaya in which the Buddha advises Rahula on the dangers of dishonesty. He ponders the significance of “shame” and “evil” when it comes to lying, highlighting the value of honesty and ethical behavior.

She critically examines societal norms that sometimes condone or even valorize lying, contrasting them with the Buddha’s emphasis on the intrinsic value of truth.

According to Thubten Kunga, the Buddha taught that much of our arises from the falsehoods we propagate about ourselves and our existence as enduring individuals.

Central to her discourse are the four primary distortions identified by the Buddha: misconceiving the unattractive as attractive, the impermanent as permanent, and misunderstanding a changing self as static throughout life.

Thubten Kunga uses personal examples to demonstrate how the ’s inclination toward self-deception can result in emotional distress and skew one’s self-image.

She advocates for embracing precepts and engaging in practices to confront and rectify these distortions, promoting personal accountability and ethical living.

Moreover, Thubten Kunga underscores the transformative role of spiritual community and mentorship in dispelling self-deception, emphasizing their support in cultivating honesty, , and personal growth.

She expresses a commitment to facing uncomfortable truths and shedding delusions, striving to alleviate suffering and foster genuine through truthful living.


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