Hendrick Tanuwidjaja
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Hendrick Tanuwidjaja, mindfulness teacher, fitness coach, and Shingon priest

, an Indonesian-born teacher, embarked on a remarkable journey that led him to his current role as a prominent figure in the world of and . In 2013, he was introduced to the public eye at a Buddhist convention in Surabaya. However, his true calling came a few years later when he obtained a certificate in (MBSR) from UC San Diego School of . This certification paved the way for him to establish .

Hendrick’s spiritual journey continued to evolve as he was ordained as a lay novice priest in the and Tang Mi lineage under the Mahabodhi , Singapore. His dedication to Buddhism extended to his studies in Socially Engaged Buddhism, guided by the of prominent figures like Roshi, as well as MMTCP training under Jack Kornfield and .

In October of the current year, Hendrick is set to release his first book, titled “Soul of : Filosofi Chakrawarttin,” which celebrates Indonesian Buddhism and explores the principles of leadership embodied by a cakravartin, or wheel-turning monarch.

Before embracing his new vocation, Hendrick’s early exposure to Buddhism occurred during his teenage years. He immersed himself in the of Buddhism and engaged in online discussions about , even as he predominantly attended services. His passion for Buddhism led him to serve as the executive editor of the Sinar magazine, where he contributed to both its content and design.

In 2017, Hendrick faced a period of personal struggle marked by depression, panic attacks, anxiety, insomnia, and even of suicide. However, with the support of his teacher and the community in Indonesia, he overcame these challenges. It was during this that he embarked on an 8-week MBSR program in Singapore, leading to his full recovery and a newfound sense of .

Hendrick’s journey continued with him becoming a teacher of MBSR and MBCT in 2019, guiding numerous groups online and in person. MindfulnessHub Indonesia introduced Mindfulness-based Interventions to Indonesia and translated Dr. ’s classic “” into Indonesian.

Hendrick’s passion for Buddhism and his fascination with the Borobudur in Central Java inspired him to delve into its and significance. Through his research, he discovered that Borobudur was constructed to validate the presence of the chakravartin in Indonesia, a figure believed to bring , , and justice to the country. Hendrick’s insights shed light on the role of leadership during Borobudur’s , drawing connections between the temple and the teachings of Vajrayana and Shingon lineages.

As Indonesia approaches its 100th year of independence in 2045, Hendrick envisions the of chakravartin leadership, characterized by goodness, peace, , tolerance, and , shaping the country’s future. He aims to promote Mindfulness-based Interventions, deepen understanding of Borobudur, and author books that bridge local values with Buddhism and emerging technologies, all while aligning with the advancements of the modern era.

Hendrick Tanuwidjaja’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of mindfulness and the deep-rooted connections between Buddhism and Indonesian heritage. His contributions are poised to impact the future of , reflecting a blend of tradition and innovation.


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