Jeff Highfill on the Buddhist concept of refuge
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Jeff Highfill on the Buddhist concept of refuge

In this session delves deeply into the concept of refuge, aiming to guide participants towards finding protection and eliminating karmic traces.

Highfill initiates the by inviting participants to assume a comfortable posture, guiding them through a process to release tension from head to toe.

The core of the meditation revolves around contemplating the behind seeking refuge in the three jewels of : the , , and .

Highfill emphasizes that refuge is not merely a verbal recitation but a deeply rooted conviction in one’s heart.

He underscores the significance of understanding refuge as a means to protect oneself from harm, rooted in past actions that can lead to future or rebirth in lower .

Through wholesome actions and genuine awareness of past deeds, participants can mitigate future suffering.

The Buddha is portrayed as an being embodying unobstructed , impartial , and effortless power, aiming solely for the benefit of others.

The Dharma is likened to , requiring effort from the practitioner to attain liberation from suffering.

The Sangha, comprising enlightened beings or those closely connected to them, represents an internal process of aligning one’s mindset with .

Highfill encourages practitioners to seek companions and communities akin to the Aryas, individuals who have deeply grasped the ultimate reality and abandoned delusions.

He emphasizes dedicating merits accumulated through meditation to teachers, community members, and spiritual friends, acknowledging their pivotal role in guiding individuals towards and understanding of the Dharma.


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