Shedding identities during a retreat and the subsequent feeling
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Shedding identities during a retreat and the subsequent feeling

In this talk venerable reflects on the profound experience of shedding identities during a retreat and the subsequent challenge of reintegrating into daily life and its associated roles.

She observes that during retreat, the becomes deeply absorbed in practice, allowing for a heightened state of .

However, upon returning to the complexities of everyday existence, identities can feel burdensome and fixed due to .

Thubten Jigme shares personal on the evolving nature of identities, particularly with age, highlighting the discrepancy between self- and actual capabilities.

Emphasizing the transient nature of identities, Thubten Jigme advocates for releasing attachment to find .

Furthermore, she encourages a shift in perspective towards focusing on what can be gained from change rather than dwelling on perceived losses.

Thubten Jigme advocates for cultivating a mindset of abundance rather than scarcity and stress the importance of practicing the both during formal sessions and in everyday life.

By embracing acceptance and towards oneself, she suggests that individuals can navigate the complexities of identity with greater ease, ultimately leading to the ability to benefit others more effectively.


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