Shar Minub Monastery Kathmandu Nepal

is located in the , in a valley at the base of . The is founded by the late 14th . He made great efforts to establish a monastery at Shar Minub, in Kathmandu, for the benefit of students in . The Sharminub Institute is located below the holy mountain with a beautiful view over the Kathmandu valley.

Meaning of Shar Minub

“Shar” means “to rise”, “Nub” means “to set”, and “Mi” means “no”. Therefore “Shar Minub” means “To rise, but not to set.”

The  of Shar Minub Monastery

Inside the main shrine room of the is a 5-foot tall white marble statue of the , depicted with his ribs showing from deprivation, in his “six years mediation” form. The statue was sculpted by a famous from Mumbai.

Besides others, a great hall belongs to this Institute, in which a relics is placed. It contains the remains of Shamar .

On the wall behind statues of all 14 as well as 1,000 Tsatsas will be placed. These Tsatsas contain relics of Shamar Rinpoche.

Nera Jana Temple

They also constructed the , named after the river where Buddha meditated for 6 years under the .

The Nera Jana temple has the purpose of restoring the of the .

In this temple, there is a room for 20 who will stay for a 10-year retreat. They will keep the entire 253 Vinaya of the authentic Buddhist Bhiksu. To qualify for the retreat, must at least 45 years old.

Donation in Shar Minub

A donation of 1,000 Euro sponsors one gold-colored Tastsa. Everyone donating such a Tsatsa will also receive one. This amount may be shared by up to 4 people (€250.- each) and each of them will also receive a Tsatsa. The name/s of the /s will be engraved in front of the Tsatas. The result will be a continuous long lasting benefit, because all names/people will receive a constant blessing from the stupa, from the pujas taking place and the present – beyond this lifetime.

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