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The Wooden Mask is a special mask which is handcrafted by the . They carve the mask for days and give the shape of Jogi, elephant head, bhairab etc.

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The Masks of Nepal

is rich in hand craved wooden materials. is one of them. There are various categories of mask found in Nepal according to different and . The main types are listed below: Ethnic Folk Cultural Deity Demons Ghosts Shaman Ritual Exorcist Bhairav Ethnicity, Mask Possession, and Mask Dances The Spatial Distribution of Ethnic Communities in Nepal is Gurung, Pahadi Castes Brahmin, Kshatriya, and Dalit, Kiranti, Rai, Limbu Newar Other Castes Tamang .

Himalayan Masks From The Land Of Mountain

are used in , , by the tribal group of Mountain and Himalayan Region of . are generally used for reaching the altered state of the called and for exorcism practice. These handcrafted masks represent the unique and traditions of the people residing in the Himalayan people. Walking along the Galleries around Thamel, , one can find the wide variety of the Himalayan masks. These masks are originally made .