A Journey of Wisdom and Inspiration with Lama Jinpa in Kathmandu
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A Journey of Wisdom and Inspiration with Lama Jinpa in Kathmandu

On Saturday, May 4th, over twenty students from the Translator Training Program (TTP) embarked on a transformative pilgrimage to , guided by the esteemed Jinpa Gyatso.

Lama Jinpa, a direct disciple of and a seasoned practitioner, exuded warmth and throughout the day, illuminating the journey with his .

The journey started at the Patan , which used to be a but was transformed into a palace, where colorful statues fascinated everyone.

Lama Jinpa shared stories, including ’s transformative made on the same , inspiring the students on their path of learning and translation.

Continuing the journey, the group visited the golden , symbolizing the three yanas of .

Navigating Lalitpur’s narrow alleyways, the group encountered and statues, metaphorically mirroring the path—efficiency leading to .

At Lama Jinpa’s monastery, nestled beneath a Jambu tree, they savored Nepali cuisine and listened to stories of ’s resilience, emphasizing the importance of good intentions and .

The journey concluded with a visit to a revered temple, where reflections on the hidden treasures of Terma and script took place.

With gratitude and a commitment to share the benefits with all living beings, the group said goodbye to Lama Jinpa, feeling enriched by his and the transformative journey they had experienced.


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