Brendan Crowe on Disability and Access in Zen Practice
San Francisco Zen Center

Brendan Crowe on Disability and Access in Zen Practice

The workshop series on Disability in , hosted by the ’s Priests with Disabilities affinity group, brought to light critical conversations surrounding accessibility and inclusivity within Zen practice.

Led by co-founders Andrea Grant and Rakugo Castaldo, the workshops addressed systemic ableism within Zen communities and explored ways to foster a more inclusive environment.

Participants, including Kokuu Andy McLellan and Anlor Davin, shared personal experiences and insights, emphasizing the need for diverse representation and accommodation of varying abilities.

The workshops challenged views of disability and urged practitioners to reexamine Zen and practices through a lens of inclusivity.

Discussions delved into practical considerations for adapting Zen training methods and creating accessible , highlighting the importance of individualized accommodations and shared expectations.

Hoka Chris Fortin’s reflections underscored the emotional complexity of balancing tradition with inclusivity, emphasizing the need for genuine self-care modeling and acknowledgment of diverse needs.

The workshop series concluded with a call to action, urging Zen communities to actively dismantle ableism and prioritize inclusivity in both physical and online settings.

It emphasized the ongoing engagement required to create truly welcoming spaces that honor the diverse abilities and challenges of all practitioners.

As Brendan Crowe aptly summarized, the workshops were not just theoretical discussions but a catalyst for tangible change, inspiring a commitment to embody the compassionate of the in Zen communities worldwide.


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