The Hunger Habit
Tara Brach

Changing Unhealthy Habits of Eating with Judson Brewer

In a discussion, and spoke about the transformative power of , social connection, and societal responsibility in overcoming unhealthy eating habits and fostering a more inclusive and supportive world.

Dr. Brewer underscores the significance of social support in breaking habit loops, highlighting the role of community in making the process feel less isolated and personal.

Many individuals experience feelings of shame and discomfort regarding their eating habits.

Drawing on the concept of a “reward hierarchy system,” he advocates for replacing negative patterns with positive ones, particularly emphasizing the importance of social connection in fulfilling our needs for nurturing and support.

The “Eat Right Now” program, developed by and Dr. Brewer, exemplifies this understanding by fostering an online community where individuals can share experiences, support one another, and participate in live sessions, transcending virtual barriers to provide crucial encouragement.

Delving into the societal context, Tara and Dr. Brewer critique the consumer-driven ’s contribution to perpetuating unhealthy habits and separation.

They advocate for neutral terms and a focus on and support, challenging weight stigmatization and emphasizing societal responsibility in addressing issues such as food deserts and unhealthy food subsidies.

The conversation also addresses the bias and judgment prevalent in medical settings and society towards individuals struggling with weight issues, highlighting the need for a more inclusive and supportive environment.

They draw inspiration from George Orwell’s “A Hanging,” emphasizing the value of every human life and the importance of recognizing each other’s humanity.

Further, Tara and Dr. Brewer emphasize the need to awaken to our ’ true and pursue , belonging, and from conditioned behaviors.

They advocate for individual responsibility coupled with societal change, repurposing of shame and guilt towards social change and love, echoing Martin Luther Jr.’s message of triumph over hate through love.


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