Gil Fronsdal
Insight Meditation Center

Mindfulness Meditation with Gil Fronsdal

will be leading an in-person session at the Center in Redwood City, California.

The session will also be available for livestream viewing on YouTube and the IMC website.

, also known as insight meditation or vipassana, is a simple technique that helps focus and the .

It involves observing the present moment without judgment, which can lead to increased awareness and clarity.

This practice can be beneficial for managing daily life stressors and also serves as a spiritual path for personal growth.

During this introductory course, participants will learn sequential instructions for mindfulness meditation, starting with focusing on the breath and then expanding to other aspects such as the , emotions, and .

Gil Fronsdal, the senior guiding co-teacher at IMC, has been practicing since 1975 and has been at IMC since 1990.

He is authorized to teach in both the Insight Meditation and Soto traditions and holds a Ph.D. in Studies from Stanford University.


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