The transmission of Tibetan Buddhist teachings to contemporary minds
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The transmission of Tibetan Buddhist teachings to contemporary minds

The , now entering its eighth year, continues to pioneer Teacher Training for the modern era.

Participants from diverse backgrounds engage in an immersive curriculum that integrates with contemporary methodologies.

The recent cycle has seen significant milestones and reflections from its participants.

In 2023, the program witnessed a pivotal moment as a portion of its cohort convened in person at the in , , marking a return to the original intention of face-to-face teachings.

Led by esteemed educators such as Dr. and Prof. Phil Stanley, students delved into profound texts like ’s Mūlamadhyamakakārikā and ’s Bodhicharyavatara.

As the program progresses into its eighth year, a transition from to tantrayana teachings signifies a deeper exploration of .

Under the guidance of distinguished scholars like Karl Brunnhölzl and Stephanie Johnston from Nitartha Institute, participants engage in rigorous and , bridging traditional with modern understanding.

Named after Milinda, whose dialogues with the marked an intersection of Eastern and Western thought, the program embodies a similar ethos.

By training Western and non- Asian dharma teachers, Milinda seeks to facilitate the transmission of Tibetan to contemporary , fostering a harmonious convergence of and modern sensibilities.


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