About Breath Awareness

It is an umbrella term for different medical and therapeutic methods to improve the breathing function. These methods work with directing the awareness to one's breathing and with changing habits, which impair the optimal functioning of the breath system.
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The Himalayan Yoga Tradation

The Mountains have been the home of sages for millennia. These great sages have lived and passed on of the yogic to disciples who then became passing on the teachings in an unbroken lineage since the . Twelve hundred years ago organized his teaching into five centers of the . As one of those five, our tradition is the Bharati lineage connected with the Shankaracharya at the Shringeri .

Obtaining Relaxation Through Yoga

While the or postures which will be described later are a basic part of the practice of , we should continue our of , the non-physical phases of this practice. Some readers may find they cannot follow the rigid discipline of a full Yogic life; others may be seeking an easier path to and may feel that they are less concerned with their physical than their mental states. Breath control Breath control .