Ajahn Brahmali on Letting Go and Mindfulness at Jhana Grove
Buddhist Society of Western Australia

Ajahn Brahmali on Letting Go and Mindfulness at Jhana Grove

In this talk, explores various aspects of and practices at Jhana Grove Retreat Centre in Serpentine, Western Australia.

He begins by discussing the relationship between meditation, , and the gradual disappearance of the , sensual , ill will, sloth and torpor, restlessness and remorse, and doubt.

Ajahn Brahmali explains that as mindfulness strengthens, these hindrances weaken, evidenced by increased and presence of .

He explains that a cultivated intellect, devoid of the influence of the five senses and obstacles, results in a deep feeling of .

Ajahn Brahmali addresses the concept of Letting Go, stressing the importance of understanding and the futility of trying to control uncontrollable aspects of life.

He reflects on the of the ’s that the world is like hot coals, advising detachment to avoid .

He also discusses the significance of intentions and how they shape experiences, urging practitioners to focus on the breath as an anchor during meditation.

He encourages embracing flaws, doing one’s best, and practicing .

Ajahn Brahmali suggests practical ways to enhance meditation at home, such as finding quiet and creating a personal retreat .

Ajahn Brahmali emphasizes the importance of maintaining a mind and how joy naturally arises from mindfulness.

He discusses the concept of non-interest towards the world, adjusting to retreat routines, and the role of self- in practice.

The session blends practical advice with philosophical insights, guiding practitioners toward deeper mindfulness and .


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