Buddhist insights on patience and forgiveness with Losang Lhagsam
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Buddhist insights on patience and forgiveness with Losang Lhagsam

In this session, Venerable shares with Venerable on how to handle and develop using .

Addressing Tton Norbuling International’s faculty, she underscores anger as a detrimental affliction stemming from personal interpretations and past experiences.

Losang Lhagsam explains how anger can disturb inner tranquility, warp viewpoints, and continue negative actions, underscoring the importance of practicing patience, a key virtue in .

She recommends to help participants relax and let go of tension, promoting mental clarity and building resilience against the hold of anger.

The session underscores introspection into anger’s transient nature and its karmic implications, urging a compassionate response towards those who provoke anger.

Losang Lhagsam illustrates the transformative power of in dismantling anger’s hold, advocating for inner disarmament and forgiveness as pathways to personal and collective well-being.

Her reflect a compassionate approach to emotional regulation, inviting practitioners to cultivate and understanding amidst life’s challenges, ultimately fostering harmony within oneself and with others.

The session concludes with practical strategies for integrating these teachings into daily life, ensuring sustained and emotional equilibrium through mindful practice and reflection.


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