What are the different forms of mandala that exists?

are believed to help us in different ways from focus, to enhancing our . can be found in varieties of the form including, , , , prints, necklaces and many more.

Mandala paintings

Mandala are believed to be originated from the and Tibetian Region. They are painted mostly by residing in the and . These paintings are believed to be a great aid for . Many other also draw the mandala paintings out of their passion and creativity.

Mandala Tapestry

Tapestry is the form of and these days mandala are also portrayed in the form of tapestry. The , also known as an elephant tapestry, is the perfect accessory to add pops of color to your wall, bed, or even the ceiling. This hippie tapestry style is also great for the beach or a picnic in the park or is perfect as a dorm tapestry. Elephant mandala tapestry is the famous one these days. Mandala Tapestry is widely found in and .


Mandala Necklace

Mandala necklaces and earrings are also used as a great for meditation. In addition to the mandala, they also add and other tools to add up more .

Mandala Prints

are the downloadable mandalas that are available for download and print. There are other printed mandala products like a phone cover, bags, and so on. are also available for pasting them on your books, dairy, and wall of the house.

Mandala Bedsheets and Curtains

and are also in widespread use. This kind of , pillow, and curtains give a really beautiful look at your room and walls. Looking at such decorative place one can already feel and . These are also used on top of for meditation and pujas.

Mandala Bedsheets and Curtains

Mandala Bedsheets and Curtains

Mandala Stone Arts

Mandala are the paintings and cravings of the mandala on the stones. These colorful stones look great when scattered in your garden and when you keep them on top of your flower vase.

Mandala Stone Arts

Mandala Stone Arts

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