Freedom Through Understanding with Thubten Wangdu
Tushita Meditation Centre

Freedom Through Understanding with Thubten Wangdu

In this talk titled “ Through Understanding – How to Use Our Potential Wisely,” explores the profound of , insights into how they can be applied to attain lasting and freedom from .

Drawing upon the imparted by and Lama Zopa during their inaugural European tour in 1975, Thubten Wangdu delves into the core tenets of Buddhism, emphasizing the imperative understanding of reality and the to achieve genuine freedom.

Central to Thubten Wangdu’s discourse is the recognition of the inherent in all aspects of existence.

He elucidates how our erroneous of stability and permanence lead to suffering and disillusionment when confronted with life’s inevitable changes.

Through practices, individuals can cultivate a deeper understanding of impermanence, fostering resilience and .

Moreover, Thubten Wangdu elucidates how Buddhism elucidates the intrinsic relationship between one’s perspective of reality and their experience of happiness or suffering.

By transitioning from erroneous views to right views, individuals can liberate themselves from emotional turmoil, paving the way for genuine fulfillment and .

Throughout his talk, Thubten Wangdu encourages critical engagement with , advocating for a journey of self-discovery characterized by the three wisdoms of , , and . He underscores the transformative power of meditation, not merely as a means of but as a vehicle for profound self-awareness and inner growth.


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