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The Future of Mindfulness at Mangalam Research Center

The , a branch of the Center in Berkeley, California, led by the Head , is organizing a two-day conference to explore the impact of in today’s world.

The conference will examine how mindfulness has been adapted to modern contexts, without its and cultural , and will discuss the potential risks and rewards of the practice. Attendance is open to the public both in person and virtually.

The upcoming event, “Mindfulness: What’s Next,” will be held on October 7th and 8th. It will consist of experts in the field of mindfulness and meditation discussing the successes, challenges, and potential future of the practice.

The event will feature the following speakers: , , , , , , , Rev. , and Hozan .

The conference will bring together academics and teachers of or mindfulness to examine worries, assess the current state of mindfulness practice and , and debate its potential future.


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