The nature of mind during the transition of death
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The nature of mind during the transition of death

“The Treasury of Basic ,” known as The Choying Dzod in , delves into the realm beyond effort and achievement, unveiling the innate expanse of ease – the fundamental space of being.

This profound manual encapsulates the of Great Perfection, or , in verse form, authored by the revered fourteenth-century , .

It explains the unveiling of the essence of existence, illustrating the vastness of reality and the genuine sensation of significance.

Functioning as both a guide to and liberation, as well as a text read to those nearing death, The Treasury of Basic Space serves a crucial role in introducing individuals to the nature of during the transition of death.

It elucidates breakthrough meditation , cutting through misconceptions of emptiness and illuminating the luminous wakefulness of sublime knowing.

Experience the oral transmission and of this profound text, complemented by and practice sessions with the Studies Institute’s special online program, led by esteemed scholars and Dr. .


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