Lama Thubten Yeshe
Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition

The Purpose of Meditation with Lama Thubten Yeshe

encourages us to meditate not to alter our beliefs or to embark on some kind of Eastern journey, but to gain insight into how our .

We should explore the energy of our , speech and mind: what is it, where does it originate and why does it act the way it does? This is an internal exploration and is incredibly beneficial.

Exploring the depths of our being, the truth of our and existence, is not only a spiritual pursuit. We cannot deny that we have a body, speech, and mind—we experience them constantly; we exist in their realm. Examining our own energy to comprehend its true is incredibly beneficial.

Exploring the nature of the mind is not just for young people; it is equally important for older generations.

Everyone has an undisciplined and uncontrolled mind, so both age groups should take the to examine what is happening in their minds. This activity is beneficial for both young and old, as it can help alleviate of agitation, conflict, and frustration.

It is essential that we gain an understanding of our minds and the attitudes that drive our behavior, as this is closely linked to the everyday activities that can lead to conflict. However, this does not require any major changes in our , such as how we work, eat or sleep.

The mind is likened to a power plant that supplies electricity to an entire metropolis; its mental energy determines whether the actions of our body, speech and mind are beneficial or detrimental, the source of or distress.

All the vigor of our body, speech and mind originates from the mind. This is why continually emphasizes the importance of understanding its fundamental nature and how it generates both intentional and unintentional behavior.


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