When to share our opinions with Venerable Thubten Tarpa
Sravasti Abbey - US

When to share our opinions with Venerable Thubten Tarpa

In this talk Venerable underscores the importance of aligning our speech, , and with the by thoroughly reflecting on a topic before sharing opinions.

She notes that while sharing opinions is necessary in collaborative situations or when helping others with information, it is crucial to ask oneself motivational beforehand.

Questions such as the for speaking, whether one is , and if one is well-informed are essential to consider.

Thubten Tarpa stresses the importance of timing, appropriateness, and audience interest when sharing opinions.

Thubten Tarpa also discusses the impact of words, advocating for the use of language that fosters harmony and connection instead of judgment.

She recommends studying to enhance word choices and minimize harm.

Additionally, she reflects on the responsibility of sharing opinions, cautioning against overstepping in others’ situations.

She shares personal experiences of learning to avoid creating codependent situations by taking on responsibilities that others should handle, which ultimately compromises personal accountability.

of values and the potential for compromising them, particularly in group settings, is another focal point.

Thubten Tarpa advises against abdicating responsibility when seeking others’ opinions and encourages careful consideration of whether one is the most suitable person to share an opinion in a given context.

This reflective approach to communication underscores the broader message of aligning speech with the principles of Dharma and nonviolent communication.


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