Applique Thangka of Vajrapani

The of is created using hundreds of hand-cut and embroidered pieces of satin and , stitched together with horsetail. 

This applique is handmade by following methods of strictly adhering to the proportions of as they are laid down in scripture.

About the Applique

Vajrapani is revered as the embodiment of power and the keeper of the ’s . He was given the mission of vanquishing a monster known as Nagpo Tsalak in a period out of , and he was given the moniker Conqueror of the Four Quarters, which literally means “Conqueror of the Four Quarters.” He also swore at the to uphold the teachings of the thousand buddhas for the rest of the eon. He is claimed to have several pure areas, which are only accessible to those who know the paths to them. Chang Lo Chen in , or Adakavati in , is the name of the realm where he is claimed to reside.

His dark blue color implies that he is absorbed in the happy Truth , or Dharmakaya, at all times. Although he looks to be a vengeful deity, his wrath is actually directed at people who seek to destroy the . The that is the of the Buddha’s teachings is symbolized by the he holds in his right hand.

Vajrapani applique Thangka Making Process gallery

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