Sakya Pandita Thangka
Sakya Thinley Rinchen Ling Buddhist Centre

Enlightening Day of Buddhist Teachings with Lama Jampa in Bristol

Last Saturday marked a significant gathering of from across the United Kingdom and beyond at the Future Inn in Bristol. The occasion was graced by , along with his family and fellow practitioners, who came together for a day filled with profound .

Approximately 100 attendees gathered eagerly to delve into part 5 of ’s renowned masterpiece, ‘Discriminating the 3 .’ The focal point of this session was the initiation of .

Pandita’s text, explored in this installment, shed light on how to dispel misconceptions surrounding the vow of the —an unwavering commitment to attain not solely for oneself but for the benefit of all sentient beings.

This altruistic aspiration blossoms from our profound interconnectedness, grounded in a shared to alleviate and cultivate .

The chapter dissected various facets of the vow, including insights into the diverse lineages of the commitment, guidance on how to take and uphold these vows in a manner that aligns with their compassionate and -infused nature, and strategies for nurturing our steadfast commitment.

Jampa commenced the ’s by highlighting the relevance of this text for Western Buddhists, who find themselves outside the structured environs of monastic colleges.

Acknowledging that grasping the entirety of the text might pose a challenge for those new to the , he emphasized the importance of receiving these teachings with flexibility.

In the afternoon session, Lama Jampa administered the initiation of Mahachakra , tracing its lineage back to Marton .

Mahachakra Vajrapani, known as the most potent manifestation of Vajrapani, embodies the wisdom of all and concentrates all mystical powers within.


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