Lama Zopa on Turning Hardship into Happiness
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Lama Zopa on Turning Hardship into Happiness

’s words in June 2017 provided spiritual guidance and comfort to a quadriplegic student, a way to transform into in the book “Turn Hardship into ”.

Zopa’s advice underscores the transformative potential of present suffering, it as a of past and a catalyst for spiritual evolution.

, drawing inspiration from , advises the student to view their challenges as chances for personal development and .

At the core of Lama Zopa’s lies the practice of , a method that centers on exchanging suffering with .

Rinpoche instructs the student to cultivate , the altruistic intention to attain for the sake of all sentient beings, through the compassionate exchange of suffering and merits.

Furthermore, Lama Zopa advocates for the and of , such as the and Arya , as a means to deepen one’s understanding of the and progress along the path to enlightenment.


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