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About Vajrasekhara Sutra

The śekhara Sūtra is an important used in the Vajrayāna schools of , but can refer to a number of different . In particular a cycle of 18 texts studied by Amoghavajra, which included both , and the , a text which appears to be composed of two works grouped together and to further confuse matters in the Japanese Shingon school the Sarvatathāgatatattvasaṃgraha Tantra is known by this name. In Tibetan it is considered to be the main representative of the class of texts.

Buddha Vairochana Thangka

Buddha Vairocana – The embodiment of Dharmakaya

is a who has also known as the embodiment of and therefore can be seen as the universal aspect of the historical . In Sino-Japanese , he seems to the embodiment of the concept of shunyata or Emptiness. In the fifth Buddhism Conception of , he is at the center. His consort is . The Vairocana statue in Nara’s Todai-Ji which is located in is the .