Lifestyle of Monks and their techniques of making Mandala

Lifestyle of Monks & their techniques of making Mandala

The typical of rotates around chanting, and doing some artistic . There are different communities of in .

The in these monasteries give education and people from different regions and other countries come to receive a classical .

Little monks from the age of even from all over Nepal and other Himalayan countries are residing at this , in .

It is not a compulsion for all monks to pursue a scholastic career. Most of the go for pursuing their career after completing grade ten in the monastery school. While some of them continue their life a nun. They stay in the monasteries by the service.

Some of them might be involved in learning meditations from qualified . Some are more into doing artistic works like making . The way of serving may be different, but they do it to preserve the of in purest form for passing it to future generations.

The artistic work, are not only made by monks but also by the professional . Some people do it out of passion.

Techniques of making mandala

The mandala is created in different ways. Painting Mandalas in and are two of the popular way of doing it.

For creating a , the mandala is created of fine multi-colored sand, and then the sand grains are placed in the concentric . Working from outward towards center along the pattern that has been laid out. Metal funnels are generally used so that uniform amount of sand goes at a .

We have been always confused by the fact that a mandala is used for the meditation. But then , the great master explains that the process of making a mandala itself is a meditative process.

Whether it be in a or in the arena, the sand mandalas are not permanent. After being on a demonstration or after serving as a divine being in , the mandala is destroyed. The multi-colored sand is poured back into a large container and brought back to be ritually deposited.   

For mandalas, first of all, the , objects, , and are sketched on a paper. The is done with a black ink or pencil. After the sketch is done the mandalas are painted with different kind of inks and coated with gold and silvers.  


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