Jeff Highfill on contemplating the Pretas - Lower realm beings
Thubten Norbu Ling - Santa Fe

Jeff Highfill on contemplating the Pretas – Lower realm beings

In this delves into the of the , beings in ’s lower enduring profound .

Preta, also known as , is a being depicted in , Buddhism, , and Chinese folk .

Originating from Indian religions and later adopted into East Asian beliefs through Buddhism, Pretas suffer extreme hunger and thirst.

They result from negative and require for , appearing prominently in various Asian .

Jeff acknowledges the challenge some may face in connecting with this concept, attributing it to possible of associated karma.

He leads a session, urging participants to utilize their effectively and contemplate Pretas’ suffering as for inner purification.

The meditation entails assuming a comfortable position, focusing on breath, and setting the intention to develop the and aid the Pretas.

Descriptions of the Pretas’ harsh existence, driven by intense and frustration, underscore the importance of and purification practices.

Jeff emphasizes dedicating merit to the Pretas, ensuring it persists until their suffering ceases.


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