Before painting a mandala

Seeing a mandala  is so soothing and for our and . Have you ever realized painting a can be how much calming? We already know that visualizing and concentrating on the mandala painting can give us immense focus and centralization. Now it’s to make our own mandala painting and see how much meditative it is. Making mandala itself is an of .

Shapes and symbols

First of all, you need to have abstract of different and symbols used in the . It is also required to figure out for what purpose are you making the mandala. Is it for some purpose? Is it for decorative purpose? Or is it for the spiritual purpose? After identifying the purpose lets see the commonly used shapes and :

  1. : Circle is the main theme of the mandala. It represents the infinite and continuous life energy in terms of . In religious terms, the circle is a symbol of , unity, wholeness and protection. Circles can represent eternity or the infinite.
  2. Triangles: A triangle in mandala can represent both warning and protection depending on the type of mandala. In spiritual terms, triangles facing upward symbolizes spiritual world while triangle facing downward represents the material world. In religious terms, the upward facing triangle means energy and the downward facing triangle means energy.
  3. Flowers: Most of the time petals of  flower or full flower are portrayed in the mandala painting. It represents the process:  rising from darkness and shining into a beautiful flower.
  4. Leaves: Leaves represents both strength and aspiration, the process of eternity and rebirth.
  5. : It represents the and the that all of the human beings have within us.
  6. Sun: The use of sun in the mandala represents the presence of vital energy in the , the energy that has remained and sustained for the longest time. A sun can also symbolize the solar deity, Aditya.
  7. : Animal in mandala symbolizes the nature that surrounds and protects us.The wolf represents family, protection and loyalty.The elephant portrays both physical and mental strength. The Peacock says us to accept the criticism and be open to the things happening around us. The lion represents and pride.



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