Cundi Bodhisattva and her 18 Arms

Cundi Bodhisattva appears with eighteen arms on a and is referred to as Mother of the Seventy Million

She is the protector of the living being, and he has fulfilled all the wishes of the world and the world, showing the deepest blessing. Her fortune and are infinite.  She is a great sorrowful sorrower who has been praying for a thousand years.

Eighteen Arm and its Uniqueness

Cundi has eighteen arms which represent the profound principles of the pathway for achieving .

Each arm represents the deep meaning of enlightenment such as the unflagging zeal to save sentient beings and perfect of them as past, future, and present.

The Eighteen Arms and its uniqueness are listed below:

  • Perfection of
  • Perfection of speech
  • Perfection of memory
  • The perfection of impartiality to all
  • Serenity
  • Self-sacrifice
  • Unceasing to salvage sentient beings
  • Unflagging zeal to salvage sentient beings
  • Unfailing thought to salvage sentient beings
  • The unceasing wisdom to salvage sentient beings
  • The powers of deliverance
  • The principle of the powers of deliverance
  • Revealing perfect wisdom in deed
  • Revealing perfect wisdom in word
  • Revealing perfect wisdom in thought
  • Perfect knowledge of the past
  • Perfect knowledge of the future
  • Perfect knowledge of the present


Symbols and meaning of Instruments held by her

Root Mudra

The is the foundation for the other , with emphasis on survival and grounding. As in the of Cundi Bodhisattva, we can see that two hands are forming the root, . This means expounding the represents the fluency of elucidating all Dharma.

Precious Banner

The hand holding the wondrous precious represents the ability to build a most magnificent, great .

Fearless Mudra

The hand forming the Fearless Mudra represents the ability to deliver sentient beings away from all terror and .

lotus flower

The hand holding a lotus flower represents the of the six senses which, untainted, are as pure as flower.

Sword of Wisdom

The hand holding a sword of wisdom represents the severing of the entanglements of afflictions and the of , , and .

Empowerment vase

The hand holding an empowerment vase represents the flowing of nectar to nurture all sentient beings so that they may receive the empowerment of the buddhas.

Jeweled Headdress

The hand holding a wonderful jeweled headdress represents the wish to be linked to wonderful dharma .


The hand holding a lasso represents the ability to attract all into the .


The hand holding a wonderful celestial fruit represents the accomplishment of the fruition of enlightenment and the extensive cultivation of good .

Eight Spoke Wheel

The hand holding an eight-spoke wheel represents the constant turning of the great , radiating its magnificent lights over the three lower .


The hand holding a battle ax represents the elimination of all evil practices and the severing of to oneself and others.

Dharma Shell

The hand holding a large dharma shell represents the expounding of pure Dharma which shakes the .

Vajra Hook

The hand holding a vajra hook represents the skill to magnetize and attract all phenomena within one’s view.

Wish Fulfilling Vase

The hand holding a wish-fulfilling vase represents the function of manifesting all treasures and at will.

vajra and Dragons

The hand holding a vajra represents the collective convergence of support given by the eight classes of celestial beings and . It also represents the subjugation of stubborn sentient beings.

Wisdom Sutra

The hand holding a wisdom represents the self-cognition of knowing the profound and wonderful truth without any guidance from a teacher.

Wish Fulfilling Pearl

The hand holding a mani or wish-fulfilling pearl represents the vibrant and luminous state of which is flawless, pure and perfect.


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